Baby Announcement Chocolate Favours

Spreading the joy of a baby is already sweet news. Spreading it with chocolate favours is even sweeter. Yet, it seems like a tricky one as you may want to add a photo or baby’s weight, height etc. Also, you would like the favours to get out before the news gets out. So how do you manage the time frame and probably lack of information?

1) You will need to have decided on the colour of your wrapper whether or not you know baby’s sex – feminine, masculine or unisex.
2) In addition, you will need to have your wrapper designer’s number easily accessible. Have your birth partner send Baby’s height, weight etc to your wrapper designer as soon as possible after baby’s arrival.
3) Make a list of all those you would like to receive the favours with their addresses and hand it to your wrapper designer.
4) If you plan to have a photo on the wrapper, most hospitals have a photographer who can take one immediately. This can be scanned via email to your wrapper designer. Better still, get your birth partner to take a photo and email it.
5) Try to send baby’s photo and details within 24 hours of the birth that way your chocolate favours can be in the post within 48 hours. Plus, all your loved ones will have something to celebrate the news – a tasty bar of chocolate. Yummy!
6) Sending out a birth announcement with just baby’s name on it works even easier if you have decided a name at the time of birth.
Good Luck for your yummy mummy days ahead!
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