What does Chocolat A Toi mean? (Our competition)

This is how it works. Just tell us what you think Chocolat A Toi means. The first correct entry will win 5 free corporate chocolate bars with their logo or any graphics they choose. They also win a voucher for 5 free bars with any order till December 31, 2009. Offer valid for UK residents only. The winner will be announced on Friday,  August 14, 2009.

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  1. I reckon it means “chocolate has you”
    Great way of getting people to your site by the way.

  2. I think ‘Chocolat A Toi’ means ‘Chocolate to you’!

  3. Oh, I was going to say it meant “chocolate to you” too! (Although I wish it meant “chocolate to me” …. please? lol )

    Sarah x

  4. I think it means “Your chocolate”!

    I hope I’m right! Tabitha

  5. I believe it is ‘chocolate in you’

    fingers crossed!
    Love Cha

  6. I think that literally it means ‘chocolate has you’ which might translate better to English as ‘chocolate is just so addictive, once bitten you will never escape the seductive lure of it’s creamy meltingness’

    (Speaking as a chocoholic of course!)

  7. Chocolate has you

  8. It means ‘chocolate has you’

    Lovely prize!

  9. my guess is
    ‘chocolate for you’ although the literal translation is chocolate has you some things can’t be directly translated so chocolate for you is more appropriate???

  10. literal translation – chocolate has you – and trust me chocolate certainly has me!!!

  11. I studied French for three years and have been to Paris. I’m sure it means “Chocolate “In” or “At” You.
    But it could also be interpreted as Chocolate “Made or prepared” as you. or Chocolate “for” You.

  12. I re-thought it and realize it means Chocolat To You. So cancel what I said earlier!

  13. Great site…keep up the good work.

  14. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  15. Great marketing idea! May I borrow it? Thanks. Oh by the way, I think it means that eating chocolate is a euphoric feeling you get from your head to your toes.

  16. Chocolate the way I like it? X


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