Posh’s Savoury Chocolate Cravings

I’ve just read about Posh asking David to pick her up five bags of salted chocolate caramels after dining at Gordon Ramsay’s. The Daily Mirror says she can’t get enough of the Salty chocolate balls. It’s interesting that she would eat these but gets into a panic thinking of eating turkey and trimmings. I figure she must have her calorie requirements worked out perfectly. If I had people waiting on me hand and foot as well as on my family members I’d probably be thinking of my calories. In which case, savoury chocolate balls might fit the bill. However, as I never know from day to day what sort of dive I’m going to have to make so that DD doesn’t land in the Casualty ward or how many different meals I will have to cook her so she can at least have something in her tummy, I stick with the sort of calories turkey and trimmings give. And as I am face to face with chocolate everyday, I don’t get to send the Husband for some, I simply unwrap one for the extra calories I always need. Oh for the Posh life! Thankful for the personalised chocolates life!
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