Can I put my message on chocolate?

Yes you can. There are quite a number of reputable companies online that specialise in putting messages on chocolate. You name it and they can do it – menu cards, company logos etc. There are however some important points worth considering before you decide to order:

1. Quantity: Is there a minimum order quantity requirement? Will it work for what you plan to use them for? If you plan to share them at a fair, would there be 500 people to hand them out to if the minimum order requirement was 500? Would they still be fresh – make sure to check the Best Before date.

2. Customisation: Be sure to check that there’s no hidden cost for transferring your logo to the chocolate bar. Ask for a breakdown of cost.

3.  Mix & Match: If the company offers more than one type of chocolate, ask if you can mix dark, white and milk bars. It looks nicer when there’s a pot pourri to choose from.

4. Presentation: Find out about what sort of packaging the bars come in. This will ensure you are prepared with maybe a bin at your stall for wrappers or if your plan is to send a few to each client, you would have shopped round for presentation boxes.

Hope this has at least set you thinking. If you’d like t find out more simply give us a call on 020 3286 2243 or email

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