Destination wedding concern – how do I make my guests feel appreciated?

Isn’t it such a lovely idea to walk into your hotel room after travelling 5000 or 50000 miles for your friend’s wedding and find chocolates scattered amidst rose petals on the bed appreciating your sacrifice?

Chocolate Wedding Gifts

For your guests?

Well, that’s a lovely start to being appreciated but what’s that other little extra you think wouldn’t cost a fortune? A dictionary? Good restaurant guide? Maps? No? Ok, tell us then.

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  1. Hi
    What about leaving a “use once” camera on each table? Ask them to take photos of each other and of the reception, and hand the camera back for processing. The Bride and Groom can publish the best photos on the web.

    • chocolatatoi says:

      Thanks photomaestro. Having lots of people take photos always captures those moments no one knew about.

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