Love Your Chocolate and Lose Baby Weight

I am several months post natal and have decided it’s time to shed the baby weight. I was however happy to see two celebrity Mums who have just had babies as well talk about their diets but not as if it’s a do or die affair.

I read in the US Magazine that Kendra Wilkinson recently visited a chocolate factory not quite 3 months after giving birth, then had a chilli hotdog and even joked about it saying she’s on a chocolate and hotdog diet.

Zoe Ball also confesses to eating some chocolate in the evening while watching TV. Yet, she has lost 2 stone already!


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I think it’s important to decide to diet but not kill yourself if you via off or have to eat something you shouldn’t. If you’re dieting it should be for your own good and benefit not for your Mum’s best friend’s niece who lost the 3 stone she gained a month after giving birth.

We all can’t be Tess Daly in a bikini 10 weeks after. We’re all different. I can only promise to do my best and be happy with my results. Wish me good luck :)

Not for Zoe: Tess Daly was back in a bikini ten weeks after giving birth
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  1. Freya Sykes says:

    I love how Kendra has embraced her post natal curves. She's such a great role model for other new Mum's who might perhaps be feeling the pressure to lose their baby weight too quickly. Me…8 years on after three bambinis I'm still probably 2 stone over weight, but hey I'm quite happy with my new found curves and actually I think I might just keep them – who says you have to be stick thin to be gorgeous? Not me!! :-)

  2. Chocolat A Toi says:

    I do love Kendra's curves and mine too lol! Interesting that you said you love your curves because I was so skinny and clothes never did look just the way I wanted them to. So, here's to our babies and new figures! I still need to shed some weight though Aargh!

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