Want to Live Long? Eat Chocolate

Photo:Josephine Tesauro

I just read an article about a 100 year old who credits chocolate for keeping her going. Her daughter says that Edna Hoover, her mother eats some chocolate everyday and up to 2 pounds a week! If you’re thinking what I’m going to say next is go ye and do likewise then my answer is no.

I think life is all about balance. And I’m sure Edna eats a balanced diet or did or might not at all and is just lucky to have a strong body. My maternal grandmother died at 92 and enjoyed her chocolates regularly. However, I remember she ate very balanced meals and always had breakfast fit for a queen. She may not always have though.

I am a stickler for balance and I hate regret. I am committed to doing what is right as much as I can especially if it’s in my power to do so. Eat some chocolate – preferably some with a decent amount of cocoa and enjoy it but also try to do what’s recommended – 5 fruit and veg a day etc. I can’t say I’m there yet but I do try.

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