Who else wants to just sort out buying a Fathers Day Gift?

Fathers Day Gifts

On the hunt for Fathers Day Gifts, scribbling these tips on your shopping list should help:

1. Go personalised: You can’t go wrong with personalised gifts. Add a memorable photo, his favourite club anthem, his favourite line from a book or a poem…Got the picture? A few days ago it was my husband’s birthday and the only thing he’s really into is books. Now, he reads a lot but along the lines of Fortune and Time magazines. So what did  I come up with? A  pair of Happy Birthday socks with a Time magazine font or a personalised Fortune magazine? No, brilliant ideas though if I say so myself ;) I came up with musical themed cupcakes because he loves music and enjoys singing. He loved the idea and the cakes tasted great too. If he is quite the Geek what of a Power Point presentation showcasing some good old days?

2. Think ‘wow’ factor: Give a gift he can tell others about. Don’t give him a gift he won’t be proud to tell his friends or colleagues he got. It may not be a Rolex or Porsche but make it count so much that he appreciates it in the same way- ok well, almost. Make him feel proud of his gift. Let it be something he can boast of maybe even take with him everywhere to show off.

3. Speak his love language: How does he show you he cares? Does he always buy gifts to reward others or really go out of his way to help around the house with chores or DIY? What does he always complain about not getting enough of? Is it gifts or help with his laundry? What does he go out of his way to do for others? Then, go ahead and do this for him. Whatever he appreciates is his love language.

Remember, make it count. It has to be something he will appreciate. If you focus on the receiver of the gift and not your own personal taste then your last minute shopping trip will be truly worth it.

Happy Fathers Day shopping!

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