Spare a Minute for Your Baby Christening Gifts

Baby Christening Favours
Baby Christening Gifts are probably one of your concerns at the moment especially if you’re planning to have your little one christened soon. It’s definitely not rocket-science deciding on what to have but it might be worth sparing a thought for when and where to give out the gifts.

Think of if you have guests who can only attend the church service because of some last minute issues? Do they go leave empty handed? Will you be able to send them their gifts? Is it acceptable to send the Reverend and other church staff gifts? I had a dedication service for my daughter but it was celebrated with a family reception. I’ve attended some dedication services were there was a reception in the church hall afterwards.

It’s worth thinking about what you really want but also find out what the norm is. Did you do anything special for your kids’ Christening? Do Christenings generally always go as planned or are there things one needs to know ahead of time? Please share

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