What Fair Trade Chocolate Means to You

Fair Trade

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For a while now I’ve had access to not only Fair Trade chocolate but handmade organic fair trade chocolate thanks to my fab chocolatier who lives down the road. She makes it so easy to get as well – clear with her terms and delivers too (suppliers note ;)) Anyway, what does fair trade chocolate mean to you? I’ll tell you what it means to me first to help you.

1) It means that I get to contribute to making an entire family’s or even more than one family’s life a lot better. The Cocoa farmers, which is the original source of chocolate by the way, get to sell their products at the best price possible. This then helps to provide a better standard of living for their family.

2) Selling fair trade chocolate also means that Green companies and individuals who support eco-friendliness have a choice. Every one loves chocolate and fair trade chocolate makes it easier for them to enjoy a treat without feeling guilty about all the pain and anguish associated with the product. They know it has been sourced at a good price and the sweat and pain has been rewarded fairly.

So tell me what does fair trade chocolate mean to you?

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