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This blog post is about an obstacle I overcame when I was about to start this business. As En Vogue sang I decided to free my mind and the rest followed.

What Lies Do You Believe About Yourself?

I can’t draw. This is what I always believed. However, when I think back to the times I did sit down to draw, I actually did come up with some nice things. I remember the posh window
I used to draw as a child. I loved them and will teach my daughter how to draw them. I was definitely not bound to become a Picasso but I could certainly draw to save my life and people around me could always tell what I had drawn.

Discipline not Change

Two virtues I believe I lack are tenacity and the ability to concentrate. I’ve watched the two fine artists in my life my husband and sister and admire their long concentration spans and tenacity.

I never thought I would have the tenacity to wrap over 1000 chocolate bars or the concentration span to personalise over 50 different chocolate messages but here I am after one and a half years still ready to face those tasks not because I have the personality to do so but I’ve let discipline take over nature.

Forget the Nay-Sayers

In secondary school, I had an art teacher who was a friend of the family. I could do no right in her sight and I thought it was because I didn’t draw well. However, one day when a classmate asked me what I’d done to make her hate me so much, it dawned on me that there was more to it than bad art. I’ve had to choose between letting my past hold me down or my dreams move me forward.

It’s 2011. Stop Making Excuses

Despite having fears about not being competent to run a business that would require design skills I decided to do it afraid and even built my business model on the premise of having any design you want. Since it’s the 21st century, I can get help with design software or hire people who have these skills via my network of connections and job boards such as odesk or elance. E-courses also abound to get me up to scratch.

I’d like to say don’t let anything hold you back in 2011, while it’s good to focus on your strengths bear in mind that help is always available. Get all the information and seek tons of advice then take the plunge if you still want to.

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