10 Ways to Use Personalised Chocolates for Staff Rewards

Employee Appreciation and Rewards1. Reward loyal members of staff with chocolate gifts as part of an appreciation package: Got a team member who has served long and well? Add a gift voucher for personalised chocolates to their long service award package – a treat for their kids or grandkids.

2. Team Members Birthdays: Rather than the birthday card that gets passed round the whole office why not present them with a box of personalised chocolates? The personalised chocolates can be shared at home with family and will definitely be appreciated in this nation of chocolate lovers.

3. Who’s getting hitched next?: There comes a time in an office when every other person is getting married especially if your team members are all in the same age group. A gift voucher for wedding favours can go a long way in helping with the costs plus it also saves the couple the headache of what to give as favours. It’s also not an absolute must it gets used as favours they could use them as thank you gifts or even just all year round especially at Easter and Christmas.

4. New Baby: Got a team of ladies settling down? Giving them vouchers could help with the financial outlay needed when baby arrives and announcements have to go out. What sweeter way is there to announce the birth than by sending out chocolate bars with baby’s angelic face on the wrapper. You can be sure the oohs and ahhs won’t be about the chocolate.

5. Festive Chocolate: The amount of money spent at Easter and Christmas on chocolate gifts is enormous and nothing helps with it like gift vouchers. They can be redeemed whenever and with free personalisation, it means even the cost of postage can be included. It will save your team an enormous load of hassle, picking up a box, wrapping it then posting it. It’s all the hard work done and more bums on seats instead of in the post room.

6. Voucher scheme: Partner with a personalised chocolates company to give staff members access to subsidised vouchers. This helps to solve a myriad of problems including favours for birthday parties or other personal functions.

7. Reward Team Effort: Most teams have targets and a scheduled box of handmade truffles personalised for each team member in realisation of this effort could be really encouraging for everyone.

8. Celebrate Milestones: Not just for the team but also for your company. If you finally hit the 25th year of doing good business and are throwing a party, give personalised chocolate bars with everyone’s name on it. You’re letting the team know they are very much a part of your success story.

9. Wedding Anniversaries: Think it’s too personal? If they talk about it enough for yout to know then why not? It doens’t mean you’ll be joining them for dinner it’s just a good luck gesture. Remember, people like to know you care.

10. Children’s Birthdays: If while Pam has been working for you she has passed her GCSEs and NVQs, gotten married, had kids and now drops them off at school then it’s not too much to send a token chocolate bar or gift voucher to Junior for his birthday every year.

Your staff understand that these are difficult times economically. However, don’t take your staff for granted. A little timely gesture that is personalised not mass produced is always appreciated.
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