Are You Hitting Your Customers Pain Button?

A toddler girl crying

A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next question would be “what is my customers pain button?”  And the answer is “what causes them pain?”.

So, what causes your customers pain?

You and I want real solutions not just something that makes it better but something that actually takes the pain away. Can you provide that to your clients? If yes then buckle up to acquire new customers.

Hit the pain button

So for example if you have a toddler who is always throwing tantrums and you saw an advert saying “Does Your Toddler Act Crabby When You Least Expect It? Oxford University Trained Child Psychologist Reveals One Simple Secret to Keep Your Toddler Smiling All Day Long”. If that doesn’t grab your attention then you either don’t have a toddler or have one that is a saint.

Now imagine you were in a mall and were shopping with your toddler who is screaming herself blue and someone handed you a chocolate bar with that message on it, would it grab your attention? Would you be interested in eating the chocolate or keeping the bar safe so that you can get home and check out the link?

What if that Oxford Trained Child Psychologist personally handed you the chocolate and quietened your toddler instantly in a way that seemed like magic? Would you want to connect so you could book an appointment?

Do you know where your ideal customers hang out?

If you do then it’s time to connect with them by pin pointing their pain. Send a strong message to make them aware of your presence so they can appreciate what you’re offering.


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