Give An Affordable Father’s Day Gift You Can Be Proud Of

Personalised Chocolate Bar with QR codeOur new range of QR code Fathers Day personalised chocolate bars will absolutely impress your husband or Dad and make you look so clever. You’ll be totally proud of yourself once you take these 3 simple steps:

1. Ok, here’s how it works. What does your Dad or Husband really, absolutely like? Dr Who, Football, Apple Macs whatever it is, look for an interesting video on Youtube about it. Other ideas for links include one to a picture of himself and the children or a family favourite. Simply upload it to Picasa or Flickr. You can also make it a simple message like ‘We love you Dad. With love…’ Nothing complicated.

2. Next, bookmark this link and send it to me. I will embed it in the QR code and make sure it works before I send you a preview which you can also test.

3. Finally, I will tell you which QR code reader app he needs to have on his phone to scan the code. You can either install the app while he’s asleep or get him to download it when you present the gift.

It’s a very simple process but it just adds a bit of excitement at no extra cost for a special Fathers Day gift. Feel free to ask any questions if the process doesn’t sound clear.

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