If Steve Jobs Were Your Dad…

If Steve Jobs were your Dad or someone your dad admires (e.g he loves everything Apple and technology) you should be considering the personalised chocolate bars below for Fathers Day.


Fathers Day Chocolate Bar

Add a QR code with a video link of the kids saying 'Happy Fathers Day'.


Personalised Chocolate Bar for Techie Dad

For the internet marketing dad


Personalised Chocolate Bar with QR code

Add a simple QR code that says Happy Fathers Day

A personalised chocolate bar for a Dad who enjoys gaming

If Dad enjoys Pacman or loves his games here's his chocolate bar

And you can add a message on the reverse:

Personalised Chocolate Bar for Fathers Day


You can still add a mushy message

Or leave it blank:

Personalised Chocolate Bar with Pacman Wrapper

If it just has to have Pacman on it

And if you’ve always wondered what those funny codes are then you need to watch out for my post next week all about QR codes. However, if you can’t wait simply email info (at) chocolatatoi.com and I’ll tell you how to get into all the action.

If you already know the 411 click now to personalise some chocolate bars for Fathers Day.

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  1. I don’t admire steve jobs but if it was a cool chocolate bar with a tennis racquet that would be a really cool present.

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Thanks Sam. The chocolate bar can be personalised with any image so if you like tennis then a racquet is not a problem at all.


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