Setting the Right Ambience for Your Store Opening

Dark Chocolate BarYour store opening should be all about awareness and of course sales. However, it’s your big day and this baby you’ve worked so hard and long to get up and looking fab can finally be shown off to the world so you want to set up the right atmosphere.

So, how do you plan the perfect ambience without any tipsy customers especially since you’ve gone all out and are serving Moet or Veuve Clicquot? The key is to mix up the menu including personalised chocolates of course.

The high level of Serotonin, a natural feel good chemical found in cocoa thus chocolate, will ensure there are smiles and even excitement. You shouldn’t just settle for the odd box of chocolates on sale in your local convenience store. Plan ahead and get high quality personalised chocolates with your logo or brand colours.

Add a special discount on the wrapper to guarantee the chocolates get passed on. However, since we’re mixing things up you will also need to add other nibbles. Depending on how large the store is you may or may not want to serve canapes. If you really want them there simply set them on a table.

What if your store opening is more of a morning event? Then, juices, croissants and fruit are the way to go. Think of items that can be eaten without too much fuss. What are your major concerns for keeping your guests entertained at your store opening?

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