10 Most Effective Ways to Use QR codes on Chocolate for Your Business

Choose from any of these super effective ways to use QR codes on chocolate for your business:

1. Embed a link to your newsletter sign up page in a QR code. Excellent when you’re at an exhibition and are meeting potential customers.

2. Add a link to your You Tube channel. This is great if you could do with more views especially by your peers or target market.

3. Showcase your work as a photographer, designer or decorator. Embed a link in the QR code. This works so well.

4. Share a whitepaper with contemporaries. Simply add a link to the page embedded in a QR code.

5. Show off your shiny new blog by embedding a link to it in a QR code. Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe.

6. Got an iphone app? Increase the number of downloads by simply embedding the URL link into a QR code. Add it on a chocolate wrapper and share.

7. Add a link to your book on Amazon. Even I have struggled not to buy the books of people I admire in my network. Most of all, they will find it relevant. So simply add a link.

8. Need more targeted followers? Save your contacts the headache of searching for you on Twitter. By embedding your Twitter URL in a QR code they’re only a click away.

9. Expand and share your professional network on Linkedin.

10. Increase engagement on your Facebook page by sharing the link to it with your professional network.



11. Offering free consultations or otherwise? Add a link to your time trade page or Google calendar.

12. Add a voucher code if you sell products.

Unfortunately you can’t add all 10 or 12 codes on one chocolate bar. You can add two though, one on the front and the other on the back but do you really want to?

If you’re looking to personalise some chocolate bars for your business with a QR code simply click here.

However, since the chocolate you’ll find here is so affordable you can simply update your QR codes for each of the ideas.

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