3 Reasons Why You Should Use QR Code on Business Chocolate

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll remember how often I’ve mentioned that business chocolates must be personalised towards your marketing objective. We’re now in the age where businesses that choose to connect with their customers are the ones thriving.

QR codes are excellent in this respect. There are so many ways to use QR codes than I can begin to mention. Check out my top 10 most effective ways to use QR codes on chocolate for your business.

However, why should you use QR codes especially at networking meetings? Well, now that 2 out of every 10 people in the UK own a smart phone and are most likely to be business people like you, now’s the time to think of using QR code. Here are the 3 reasons you should use it though:

Will you stay top of mind?

The rate at which businesses are launched day in day out you need to market your business in such a unique way that you are remembered when it’s decision making time. Look around, you will always have competitors and when people are stuck or desperate they just ask the next person for a referral. Using personalised chocolate bars with QR codes helps people you meet scan your contact details immediately and also enjoy a treat. You never forget who gives you chocolate!

Are you relevant?

The easiest way to show your contacts how relevant you are to them is by showing them your work. It’s easy to say I’m a business coach at a business networking event. What differentiates you from every other coach is what matters? Do you have an iphone app? Add a link to it via a QR code. Do you have a must-have PDF download? Add it to the QR code. What if you’re a photographer like so many other thousands of photographers people meet every day? Link your QR code to your portfolio. People just need to scan it and it’s saved on their iphone. If you run a shop and sell products, showcase your products using a QR code.

Shout it

If you use Twitter or Facebook you’ll notice there’s so much noise and it’s challenging to actually get heard through the noise. So what’s the solution? Well, when you’re out and about networking, using QR code on chocolate bars is actually an affordable and easy way to share that fab video you’ve just recorded or new white paper you’ve just written. It also helps to keep you top of mind and share relevant information with your network.

So, now for ideas of what to put. Click away to my Youtube page to see QR code on chocolate in action

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