A Gift Idea for the Barca Fan in Your Life

Personalised Chocolate Gift for a Barca FanYaaaaaaay! Barca won! And you can celebrate the win with him by personalising this Barca chocolate bar for Father’s Day. Here are my five top ideas to personalise it:

1. Add a special message: By special I mean something that you both share. For example, you could sign it from the pet name you both have for your child or if there’s a special song they share add a twist on it.

2. Add a photo: Don’t you love photos? They evoke memories that make it all warm and fuzzy. So simply email the photo and don’t worry if it’s square as it can be made circular. It doesn’t have to be circular either it can be made into a heart or made into a square.

3. Add a video: Yep! You can add a video to a chocolate bar. Is it on the internet or do you just have it on your computer? Simply let me know and I’ll tell you the next steps to take. Wherever it is all that needs to be done is for it to be embedded into a QR code. Now the big BUT is you must have an android phone or an iphone so that this code can be read. If you can tick either box as per phones I’d love to hear from you!

4. Move the Colours Around:  Make it plain yellow or blue with red writing.

5. Redesign it: Forget these blocks and let’s do stripes or retro circles.

Nothing is impossible as long as you can imagine it I’m ready to give it a try.

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