Corporate Events: Why Personalised Chocolate Bars Don’t Really Work

5g Chocolate BarNeed to attract more visitors to your stall? Use personalised chocolates at events and exhibitions to attract them. Wherever there is food or there are giveaways, people are bound to gather. However, you need to be able to use your give-aways effectively.

A lot of people say the visitors just take the chocolate and walk away. Then, I ask if the chocolates were just scattered on the table free for all or put in an attractive bowl which was then offered to visitors? You need to show that the chocolates are valuable and not just there to be gotten rid of. Your personalised chocolates are a tool at the event.

After offering your visitors personalised chocolates, use the opportunity to engage them about problems your company solves. Hand them some literature about your organisation and make sure your details are on the personalised chocolate bar you’ve given them. You may want to take a few seconds to point that out but don’t just hope they see it. Success at events is not accidental it takes a concious decision to get results at exhibitions.

What have you found works for you at exhibitions and events?

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