How to Use Personalised Chocolates for Direct Marketing

Personalised Chocolate Business GiftSo you want to use personalised chocolates for your direct marketing. Fantastic. Well, that is only if you stick to the rules. And what are the rules? They are the same ones you should use whether or not your direct marketing instruments are personalised chocolates. So quite simply there are no magic rules. Here are those same rules you will read in good marketing books:

1. Add a point of measurement – How will you be able to tell if your marketing has worked or not if you don’t have something to measure the results? Simply put you need a call to action. Add a voucher code, a number to call to speak to someone or a link to sign up to your newsletter. If your call to action is online be sure to use a specific voucher code that you won’t use on any other direct marketing material. You may also want to consider a unique page for the campaign so you can measure the traffic and capture additional data which brings us to the next point.

2. Measure results – This is the bedrock of successful businesses. If you fail to measure you are set for failure. You need to look at how much you have invested and what the value of the returns are. For example if you have bought £500 worth of chocolate, have the leads generated using the chocolates resulted in that much profit? If not, why?

3. Identify Pitfalls – Can you identify why your campaign hasn’t yielded as much returns? Was the call to action clear? Did any of the leads take action? Did you follow up the leads?

Have you ever used personalised chocolates as a direct marketing tool? Was it successful? Please share your experience.


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