‘Tis the Season to be Christened

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My friend’s daughter is being Christened today. It’s been all quite exciting especially as she gets to wear her mum’s own Christening gown. Mentioning that has just given me super fuzzy warm feelings all over again. I know, I’m soppy. Anyway, I’m glad the weather turned out ok because that was the last thing she mentioned when we spoke.

Christening Personalised Chocolate Bar

So, when an order came through for a christening you can imagine how much of a coincidence it appeared to be. Does everyone get Christened around the same time? Is there really a season for Christenings or baptisms as they are sometimes called?

It appears that some churches tend to have  mass baptisms to save time and all the effort the clergy have to put into the day. I think having it this way also helps to make parents less nervous as there are quite a number of you all in the same boat.

Is it different at your church? Was there a mass baptism when your children were being christened or are both christenings a coincidence?


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