Personalised Wedding Favours: The Easy Way

1. Keep it simple – If you’ve ever heard the saying that less is more then that is the case with chocolate wedding favours. Adding too many elements makes it look tacky and cluttered.




For example, if you decide to have loads of text, two photos with three different colours then it would take a lot not for it to look cluttered in addition to a bow and some flowers. This does not mean you can’t have as many elements as you want though.




Look at the chocolate bar above, it serves not only as a wedding favour but also as a place holder. This is equally the key to avoiding clutter on the tables. Let your favours perform a dual function.

2. Don’t overspend – Except the wedding is about your guests and not you and your spouse, then moderation in respect to your budget is key. Your wedding favours should be last on the list. It’s all about putting things in perspective. A favour should remain a favour not a gift or repayment.


3. Stick with your theme – What’s your wedding theme? A summer themed wedding could have handmade chocolate dragonflies or butterflies



or personalised chocolate wrappers with summery shades.



If the theme is based on a colour scheme, then simply get a matching favour box. Nothing saves time and headache than this option. You can even opt for a DIY package where you assemble the favours yourself – the boxes and chocolates are supplied.



4. Think variety – Request more than one design if you’re having personalised chocolate bar wrappers. If you’re giving out truffles, ask for a range of different flavours with the boxes stating clearly what is in each box.



5. Personalise it – Make them your very own wedding favours. Add a photo or a clever message. It could even be a cheesy one. It’s your day. Let it express your personality and help your guests feel at ease.

Wedding Photo Chocolate

What if you really leave your wedding favours till the last minute and can’t think up a design? Or if you need more help with deciding what to choose as per chocolate wedding favours? Then don’t hesitate to give me a shout on here or call the number up there.


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