Personalising Individual Chocolate Bars

Personalising individual chocolate bars can be a daunting task but the reaction is so worth it. It’s great to receive a message that you know is just for you and can’t be for anyone else – a non generic gift.

There are certain people in my life I’ve shared peculiar circumstances with and if they sent me a personalised gift referring to that time I would know instantly it was from them. Personalising individual chocolate bars gives you that bonus. It’s not just about the message only as well. It’s also about the chocolate.

Personalised Christmas Chocolate Bars

Personalising individual chocolate bars for employees is equally a creative way to boost your team’s spirits. You can state how much you appreciate their individual strengths and contributions.

Corporate Chocolate Bars

If you have a workplace culture of graft and long hours then your team may often get weary. Everyone knows keeping team morale high is a must in these difficult financial times. Think of each team members strengths. What would happen if that team member left? What would everyone miss skills wise? Put it on chocolate!


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