Wedding Colours that Will Rock 2012

Hex codes: 4FF7FF (blue) and CF0000 (red)

If you’ve not chosen your wedding colours here are some ideas and if you have then here’s some inspiration for wedding favours.

Red & White

I’m also going to talk about putting Save the Date wedding favours together. The two most important success factors with Save the Date wedding favours are:

– Getting them out on time: there will be no date to save obviously if it’s too close. As you know people plan months ahead so it’s up to you to let them know soon enough. I would say get them out at least 3 months before. Obviously there are no guarantees but you’ve given enough notice.

Hex: BB0707 (Red) and 00CFFF(blue)

It’s a very good idea to have a website where they can keep checking for updates. Add it to your save the date chocolates.

– Packaging them properly: Whether or not you’re hand delivering them you want to make sure the chocolates are well packaged. If not when postman Pat goes on a bump they might not survive.

Please see below for other save the date ideas:

If you've got geeky friends do a QR code favour


If you’re known for humour


Show off if you can

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