What Good is Chocolate When It’s This Hot?

Just when we all thought there was no hope of Summer showing up, it’s humid and hot. And when it’s like this chocolate is often the last thing on your mind. Not because you don’t feel like some but you worry about it melting and becoming sticky.

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Fortunately, I’ve learnt to keep chocolate from melting. Here are my secrets:

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1) Don’t put it in the fridge. The sudden drop in temperature when you take it out of the fridge could actually cause it to melt. Instead, put it in a plastic bowl with a lid that fits properly. Then, keep it in one of the kitchen cupboards farthest from the oven/cooker or any appliances that give off heat.

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I like to keep mine in the lower cupboard far away from any form of light or heat as it’s equally important it’s kept in a dark place. Ideally chocolate should be kept in temperatures of between 15 and 17 degrees centigrade. Chocolate will start to melt when temperatures rise to about 31 degrees centigrade.

2) Look for dessert recipes that require chocolate. Note this may not be a good idea for regular candy bars like Twix or Snickers that aren’t 100% chocolate as most recipes will require the chocolate being grated then melted. As much as possible use 100% chocolate bars. Otherwise, if you decide to use a regular candy bar, get ready to be surprised.


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