When I Fall in Love

Did I used to love borders or what?! Just look at the designs below. And don’t hurt my feelings by saying you can’t see any!

Chocolate Collage

Initially, it was just what I knew to do – add borders to a design. Every other chocolate design had one plus it also helped me when cutting the chocolate wrappers. However, as time went on I decided enough of copying.

Chocolate Collage

What do I really like? Do I really like these block colour borders? What I really wanted were fancy borders.

Mothers Day Chocolates

Problem was the Straight Jacket and Bow Tie company didn’t want fancy borders so what did I do?

I learnt the hard way that’s what. I learnt that in the world of design you can go with the flow or go with the customer. It depends on you at the end of the day and what your objective is. Did I want a hobby or a business?

I still do borders every now and then but after a few borderless designs I knew I could live without block or even fancy borders.

Rocking Horse Design

So what’s your border love? What’s that one thing you’ve continued to do even though you know it’s not working? I’ll put the kettle on and of course I always have chocolate ;)

Go on, I’m listening. I’m no shrink but chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.

Or let’s do it by email. Sign up below I’ll be waiting.


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