Foodie Friday: What I Found on My Bear Hunt

I grew up eating freshly made granola from the bakery. It was delicious and healthy then of course I discovered coco pops and frosties which tasted better. Well, finding Granola on the shelves in handy packs and with 100% natural ingredients, I couldn’t wait to share them with my little girl. She found it a bit difficult but fortunately I had spotted something else I thought she would like from this same brand.

Fruit NibblesShe absolutely loved these Yoyos. She enjoys them a whole lot and never asks for more which gives me the impression they are low GI. Great for someone like me who has been cautioned about low blood pressure. Well, I didn’t just hand these over to my little girl. I also tried some of course.

Fruit Nibbles

There are two rolls of fruit and they don’t taste too sweet. Plus each roll is made of real fruit and you get your 1 a day from each pack. I discovered there are raspberry and blueberry Yoyos too. Shame I can’t get them in my local Waitrose. I think these would make lovely take home gifts for kids parties. Each one has an animal card in it and DD loves discovering one in her pack.

Click to see our Animal Families

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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