Tech Tuesday: How Picasa Helps My Business

Do you ever take free products for granted? I tend to at times. Picasa is one of those free photo editors I’d always looked down on. I’ve always said I’d get Photoshop but somehow have never got round to buying it. Plus now I’ve realised I can do a few good things with Picasa I just think why bother? So what can I do?

Collages made easy. Simply click on the photo you would like then click create collage. All the other photos in the same album are made available in the next tab. You can also add photos from another album. Simply choose to always import photos from your camera using Picasa.

So how does this help my business? Well, quite simply really. When I’m sending out photo previews of personalised chocolate bars, I like customers to see the front and back of the bar. Rather than sending out two separate files, I send out a single collage with both views as above and below.

I don’t know about other photo editors but Picasa collage files are huge so I have to shrink them using MS Office Picture Manager. It’s an equally very useful tool. Otherwise, simply double-click on the collage and choose ‘edit in Picnik’ on the left hand panel.

Picasa is great for magazine style blogging and just having fun with your business photos. If you have any questions about Picasa enter them below. I’d love to answer!

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