Tech Tuesday: How Evernote Helps My Business

In this first edition of Tech Tuesday, the application I’d like to tell you about is Evernote. It is so robust it’s almost scary. I have Evernote on my phone which means when I have those light bulb moments in the shower I can jump out and type it on my phone, after drying my fingers of course (Yes, I take my phone into the bathroom so I can play music and sometimes sing).

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Whenever, I get hit with writer’s block I simply walk to the magazines aisle and type away. It’s also great for blogging as I can just type away on the train or at the hairdresser’s.

Evernote also saves me printing out directions of where I’m going. For example, when I’m going to an event and have looked up directions on the internet, I simply need to clip it to Evernote using the Google Chrome extension on my browser. Click on the image below for a larger view then look out for the green elephant on the top right hand corner. All I have to do is click the elephant and Evernote saves a clip of any web page I’m viewing. It’s also available on Mozilla Firefox.

When you’re on any website you can choose to save just the URL or the clip the entire page. I like to clip the entire page when I need directions. Now, I need to remember to charge my phone the night before or else all that clipping is just a waste.

You can also download Evernote to your computer. Open it up and search by tags for things you’ve saved. As a micro-business owner, the best thing is that Evernote is free.

For an exhaustive list on what you can use Evernote for, check out this one from Michael Hyatt.

How about you how do you ‘Evernote’?

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