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I like to chat. It’s one of the first things you are likely to notice when you visit my website. I have a filled day on Twitter. Unfortunately, since not all my customers are on Twitter, it’s not possible to restrict chats to tweetland or else I would. I love Twitter and I’m sure you know why by now.

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So what’s Olark? It’s simply a live chat tool for visitors to your website. Well, there are loads of them out there right. Yes but what’s so cool about Olark is that I can chat with visitors to my website while on a queue in Sainsbury’s or at the hairdressers.

I know if they’re visiting for the first time and what town they’re in. Sometimes I can even tell where they work. Sweet! Not so sweet at times though as I once had a very nasty male visitor who said some horrible things. I had to ignore him but unknown to him, I know where he works and have his IP address safely stored by Olark.

Yep, these guys store all your chat transcripts so I can always go back to a customer who’s forgotten the exact message she wanted on her personalised chocolate bars and say voila! Neat eh? Even neater, I don’t need to have Olark open on my laptop before I can use it. I can use it on my mobile via an app called Jabber. I can also use it via Google Talk.

I can tell if a visitor is interested in business chocolates or wedding chocolates because Olark gives me all this information in real time. It shows me how they found Chocolat A Toi, what page they came through, how many pages they’ve viewed and what those pages are all in real time. Plus, it even prompts to say hi if it’s a first time visitor.

Talk about a real virtual shop complete with emoticons. What else can I say, this app rocks get yours asap. There’s a free version and a paid version. I moved to the paid version and I think it’s definitely worth 17 usd or 11 GBP.

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