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Welcome to another Tuesday or whatever lovely day you’re reading this, when I tell you about technology that helps me run my business successfully. Today’s tool is called Outright. Basically, Outright helps you manage your Paypal account without damaging your health.

What?! Good if that either made you smile or laugh or at least want to keep reading. Outright has one dashboard where you can see a clear summary of how much sales you’ve made in a month or in a year without damaging your eyes by squinting unlike Paypal. All figures appear in dollars so you just have to see sterling mirages if you’re UK based.

The interface is beautiful. You’ll love it. All your accounts are neatly shown and you don’t have to wait for Paypal’s servers to decide whether or not to show your monthly sales (cue palpitations). Outright loads at the speed of light even on my toasty laptop (end of palpitations). Plus, you get a weekly email summarising sales activity at the beginning of the week. What else do you need on a Monday for some motivation?

Now, if you have a partner like mine who reads and loves that I read Ramit Sethi then Outright may not be for you. I can’t download reports from it and I can do exactly the same thing it does for me via Paypal. Duh? If you’re Paypal savvy you know that.

However, if you like to get an email to remind you that you’re behind on sales and shouldn’t spending the whole day checking out Twitter or email, then you had better get Outright. You can try it for free.

Also, if you’ve got an ebay or Etsy store that you run devotedly, you’ll love Outright. If you’re particular about design, Outright is for you and if you have no clues as to who your best customers are then this is your tool. Verdict: I still love Outright but now you know my partner and actually $10 monthly does add up.

Outright really did help me for a few months see things globally without having to sleep on Paypal so I would definitely recommend a trial.

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