5 Simple Ways to Throw an Affordable Pamper Party

Throwing an affordable pamper party doesn’t have to include all the works. It does have to include something you feel is luxury to you at the moment. In any of the 5 ways, create the pamper party of your dreams and don’t forget to include your own idea of luxury:

1. Liaise with your hairdresser: Speak to your hairdresser if you’re having 3 or more friends attending and arrange a discount. You will be amazed that s/he will jump at the opportunity to have more than 3 guaranteed clients.

2. Hire a manicurist: If you don’t know one, rest assured your hairdresser will know one. Ask for a recommendation. Watch a movie or catch up on gossip while your claws are being pampe ‘rrr’ red.

3. Get a photographer: Depending on your budget, you will be amazed at the fun photo sessions a photographer can create. You can find one on Google local or this directory. Many photographers will only charge you for the session then you can buy any photos you want.

If you’re based in the North West, a friend of mine Jo Belfield does lifestyle photography. Be sure to check her out.

4. Find a make-up artist: Never have time to use make-up? Here’s your chance. Let the make-up artist slap it all on and get the photographer or iphones clicking for that rare moment.

5. Don’t forget the grub: Where will it be taking place? Could you afford a nice hotel room locally? If yes, then consider room service at tea time. Even if you’re home, could take away from your favourite restaurant be a treat?

Of course don’t forget some personalised chocolate for everyone to make it extra special. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

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