Wedding Wednesday: Can I Have Various Truffle Flavours for My Wedding Favours?

What will guests at your wedding say about the favours?

Having a variety is great as a conversation starter. Guests can talk about the flavours they’re trying, what tastes they’re discovering and even guess what flavours they are.

You can present a nice box of 6 per guest or even a single one per box. It really depends on your budget. Make sure you are comfortable with what you plan to give financially.

Ideally, your wedding favours should be no more than 10% of your entire wedding budget. They’re a gesture of appreciation and should remain just that. You can’t thank every guest fully enough except you want to pay their fuel, outfit and even electricity bill if they had to iron the outfit. So, keep it simple and moderate.

So what truffle flavours can you give guests? Praline, Australian Buderim ginger, Pecan, Earl Grey, Pink Grapefruit and Limoncello. There are also plain milk chocolate shapes such as hearts, butterflies and dragon flies. They are all handmade using the finest organic fairtrade cocoa and you will know when you taste them. This always makes me so proud and confident to ask people to try some.

Remember you can always request box colours to match your wedding theme and if it’s a little over your budget ask for other options.

Which flavours would you pick for your guests?

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