15 Evergreen Ways to Use Personalised Chocolate this Christmas

  1. Propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  2. Share a video by adding the link in a QR code.
  3. Fill up those stockings.
  4. Ideal as place cards.
  5. The perfect tree decorations.
  6. Send them out in place of Christmas cards.
  7. Put them in gift hampers.
  8. Use them as invitations to Christmas parties.
  9. Give them out as gifts – Secret Santa
  10. Post thank you chocolate cards
  11. Give them out as a take home gift for guests
  12. Great as prizes for games
  13. Add them to your customer orders
  14. Share a photo with a loved one far away in a sweet way- yes we post abroad.
  15. Break the ice. Share a joke.

Do you have any other ideas? These are the ones I’ve gotten from past orders.

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