5 Creative Ways to Use Personalised Chocolates as Customer Care Gifts

Business Chocolates1.Do you run a hotel or B&B? Keep your customers coming back by welcoming them with personalised chocolates in their rooms.

2. Display a glass of personalised chocolates in your shop window to entice new customers. Any passer-by with a curious child will be forced to stop and you’ll get an opportunity to talk about your business.

3. Add them to customer orders especially if you sell products they use from time to time.

4. Send them with your invoices. In these difficult financial times, it shows you are human which is always very appreciated.

5. If you own a restaurant or cafe a personalised chocolate gift with every receipt works wonders as it is often unexpected for new customers. What’s even better is that it will generate word of mouth referrals.

Do something remarkable today using personalised chocolates. Need ideas? Ask below.
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