5 Interesting Ways to Use Personalised Chocolates this Christmas

Christmas and chocolate go together plus calories don’t count at Christmas. So, if you’re thinking of sending personalised chocolates to your loved ones this Christmas you’re not alone and here are some top ways you can use them.

1. Add a photo: Not just any photo though. Do you have a new dog or have you moved house recently? Why not put that photo on personalised chocolates instead of normal Christmas cards. It’s a way to share some of your recent news with family while wishing them merry Christmas as well.

2. Put a message on the reverse: All you have to do is ask for a message to be printed on the normally blank side of the chocolate wrapper. Think of the funniest or silliest message you can put on the reverse. How about leaving the front blank and putting a message on the reverse?

3. Get them on the Christmas tree: You can get personalised chocolates on strings just like the ones on your baubles or presented in a nice bags you can hang on the tree. Not only will everyone be attracted to the tree but it would be such a lovely treat as well of course.

4. Dress ‘em up: Yes. It’s really silly but it would wind some friends up and maybe get you and your Cousin Vinny talking again. Dress up your personalised chocolatesas Santa Claus or green elves.

5. Spice up dinner: Do you find it hard to have interesting and non-obnoxious discussions at Christmas dinner. Why not put topics for discussion on personalised chocolate bars?

Hope those points have got you thinking. Relax and think of a fun idea. If you come up with any other top ones feel free to add it in the comment box below. You never know who’ll find it handy.


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  1. These are some fab ideas and thoughts for xmas gift! I have few plans in January so will see if Chocolate will come to play ; 0 xx

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