Are You Gambling with Your Marketing?

Are you gambling with your marketing or have you taken time to consider who your target audience is? Have you taken time to find out what interests them? How they spend their spare time? Where they shop and what type of music they listen to?

If you haven’t and are planning to order personalised chocolates for them then you need to go back and find out. You can send out a questionnaire to find out or if you can afford it use a market research company.

The important thing is that you shouldn’t continue marketing without having a clear picture of who your target market is. A clear picture helps you manage their expectations and obviously solve their problems which should result in good business for you.

Do not be afraid to find out. It could save you a lot of money and wasted hours. It will also help you choose from the wide range of personalised chocolate available to use. So do you really know if your customers prefer dark chocolate or are happy with milk chocolate? Do you know if your customers would like soft packaging in organza or would prefer boxes? Would they prefer bars or truffles? Don’t gamble. Know your customer.

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