Are You Speaking Your Customers Love Language?

Personalised Chocolate Bar for BusinessDo you know your customers’ love language? How do you show them that you appreciate them? Give them something that they can relate to and appreciate. In a country rated as number 2 in Europe for chocolate consumption, you can’t go wrong with personalised chocolates.

Meet Expectations

Just before Easter or Christmas, an unexpected voucher for personalised chocolates can solve gift problems for your customers. Everyone expects and gives chocolate at these times and your gift will be more than appreciated.

Surprise Element

When you have loyal customers who use your services you can reward them with little treats every now and then. How about sending a small box of chocolates with every invoice? And if you sell products, adding some personalised chocolates in every order to encourage repeat orders is an equally fantastic idea.

You will be surprised at how much more engaged your customers will be. Get ready to receive phone calls, emails and letters saying thank you for the chocolates. It really does make a difference when you add that little something.

Get Ready to Engage

However, it is at this point you need to be most alert and listen to your customers. Are they really happy or are they just managing your services? Do the products meet their expectations or could you do better with the cost of delivery? Even if they’re full of praise ask them these questions. Obviously, if they’re happy there’s no need to push for negative comments. Just remember that chocolate does get people talking so take advantage of the opportunity to get some feedback on how you’re doing.


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