Inspired By Twitter

Looking for a place to test your ideas or your jokes? Twitter is the place to be. From experience, you are more likely to get a response if you share a joke than if you simply go about promoting yourself. Twitter is very much a two-way conversation. Listen, respond and then listen again.

There’s so much I can say about Twitter. I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now and have over 2000 followers but the most important thing I’d say is be yourself but don’t be a bore.

After tweeting these lines  a few times I started to get bored with myself. I reckon my followers were as well as the retweets dwindled.

So guess what I did? I stopped them. I reckoned if people like them so much they’d ask again. No one has since asked but I’ve never shared them any where else apart from Twitter so I thought I’d put it on the blog.

I didn’t just want to do a boring blog post though so I put it on chocolate. I might do posters later too. What do you think?

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