Personalised Chocolates:Unwrap What Role Can Play in Your Product Launches

Art on ChocolatePersonalised chocolates are a great way to celebrate new products. When Pamela Stirling was launching her new line of artwork at an art festival, she decided to use personalised chocolates. This really helped to showcase all her products with ease reducing clutter around each piece and of course giving her clients a treat at the same time.

Think beyond take home gifts

Your personalised chocolates won’t just be take home gifts that will be eaten in a split second and your product thrown into the recycling. Not everyone will eat the chocolate immediately. Those who take it home might even share it with friends or family which means more people learn about your product. Don’t under estimate where the chocolates might end up.

Add a Call to Action

It helps to give directions as to what to do with the personalised chocolate bar. If you add your website address and a discount code, you then need to let them know the code needs to be used immediately or by the end of that week. Give your personalised chocolates an assignment. It not only makes your budget go farther, it helps to keep your prospects and customers engaged. So what will you put on yours?

Let the Chocolate do the talking

There is just something about chocolate that gets everyone chatting. This is the mood enhancing Serotonin content in cocoa. Don’t worry it’s not a class A or B drug. It’s simply a natural ingredient present in the bean which is why everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate makes people happy thus chatty. With experience, you may want to have a few chocolate bars unwrapped that people can eat right away because if there’s useful information on the chocolate bar, they will want to have a look at it later on.

If you need more help on getting the right message on your personalised chocolates be sure to contact us.

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