Personalised Christmas Chocolate For Any Age

Are you yet at that age where you feel you need to eat for your age? You might even have been doing it for years now especially if like me you read Holland and Barretts Healthy magazine. I even try to follow every tip.

5g Handmade Organic Fairtrade milk and white Christmas chocolate lollies perfect for little tummies.

Anyway, quite unintentionally you can pick up personalised Christmas chocolate for any age now from the shop – bars, truffles, lollies or moulds. And if you’re still wondering how exactly to eat chocolate for your age. I would advise you go darker as you get wiser. This doesn’t mean kids can’t have dark chocolate but you want to be careful with their caffeine intake. Yes the higher the cocoa content the more caffeine there is in it.

11 chunks of handmade organic fairtrade dark chocolate squares. Each weighs 10g.

You also want to be careful because the darker the chocolate the higher the fat content. Of course, products with high fat content are the last thing you want to be eating in your wiser years. That’s the reason as much as doctors agree that dark chocolate has several health benefits they also advise it should be eaten in moderation. The daily recommended intake is a square.

So follow the suggestions I’ve given and let me know how you get on. Each product in the shop is described properly with type of chocolate. However over 70% of the products on the website are now handmade organic fairtrade chocolates.

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