What’s a Tantrum Proof Bespoke Tiara?

Never heard of a tantrum proof bespoke tiara? Well you’re in luck as none other than the lovely custodian of these jewelled pieces of art is here to tell you just what they are. Over to Kelly.

1) How did you come up with the name Tantrums and Tiaras especially the Tantrums bit? – I can’t claim any credit for the name I’m afraid, it was all Mr T&Ts idea and it stuck with me straight away.  The tantrums bit comes from a number of areas.  Firstly as any tiara maker will tell you there are certain products where all toys go out of the pram whilst making it despite how beautiful the end result may be.  Secondly the majority of our tiaras are ‘tantrum proof’ and stand up to all sorts and finally after seeing a few of the tantrums thrown, not by brides but MIL2B’s when the bride doesn’t chose as MIL2B would like, well lets just say it fits!


2) Where do you get inspiration? – This can come from the most random of places and at a time you least expect it.  I had the idea for the Switsch-u whilst on the underground in London.  I was so excited when it popped into my mind that throughout my entire meal in China Town, Mr T&T couldn’t get a word in but at least he got to eat lots of noodles!  I’ve also made a tiara based on lamp posts I saw in Paris whilst visiting for the Rugby World Cup a few years ago.  It really can be anything.  The next collection which is due out in October this year and being physically unveiled at the National Wedding Show in February is perhaps my best yet.  I can’t say too much just at the moment except to say I think it will be a big hit and band on trend as we go into 2011.  Oh and a few firm favourites of T&T will be undergoing a little facelift too to introduce some interesting new pieces.


3) How long does it take to make a bespoke tiara? – That’s a tricky question as it really depends on what’s required.  Sometimes the initial design stage can take 3 times as long as the build stage.  To give a rough estimate though you should allow about 4 weeks for a bespoke product but times vary throughout the year so it’s always best to check.

4) How can I tell if a particular tiara will look nice on me? Is there a guide to picking the right one? – There are a lot of theories on this and to be honest, I don’t think it’s as easy as some of those suggest.  I think tiara shopping is just like wedding dress shopping and you shouldn’t go with something just because you think that’s what will be right.  The whole package needs to be complete.  My advice to brides is always to try on as many tiara styles when they are trying on their dress to get a feel for what suits them with their dress.  That way you can come away with an idea of what you’re after and then trawl the web or work with a designer to create the perfect tiara for you.


5) How much is too much in your hair? Can a bride wear a tiara, headpiece and have a veil too? – This is certainly one of those things that is down to personal choice.  I always like to get to know a little bit about my brides and their character as this can help work out whether they’d be comfortable in something really big.  For example, I had a bride who was getting married in a castle, big fairytale type wedding and wanted a big fairytale tiara however after working with her for just a short time, it was clear that actually that idea didn’t really sit comfortably with her and she was quite a quiet person who wasn’t used to lots of attention.  A big show stopping tiara just wasn’t for her and in the end, she opted for a wishbone tiara which is completely the opposite!


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