Should Weddings and Valentine Meet?

I’ve been uploading the new Valentine range – Chocolate and Amour to the website. Doing so has made me think a lot more about weddings and how Valentine is so closely linked to them. Plus, as the range is in little boxes and bags they made me think how appropriate they were for favours. My goodness that sounds so salesgirl – forgive me. It just came to my mind and I typed it.

Truth is many proposals will take place and weddings too. In as much as I’m not a die-hard Valentine, I would hate for my DH to forget it. Anyway, if you plan on having a Valentine wedding next year or 2014 then now is the time to go shopping. You simply need to find all the hearts and red/black items when on sale like on February 15.


I would like to know though – would you get married on Valentine’s day or have a Valentine themed wedding? I had a heart themed wedding but my colours were pink and burgundy. Close but not exact. Pink is becoming a Valentine colour though.

Is it cheesy or romantic to have a Valentine themed wedding or your wedding on Valentine’s day? It’s not even a proper holiday. For a while though, I thought Valentine was cheesy but I know it means a lot to quite a number of people and have since changed my mind. Would love to know your thoughts anyway.

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