The Neglected Stepchild of Life’s Celebrated Moments

One of my favourite books about networking is Keith Ferrazi’s Never Eat Alone. It’s a practical book about building business relationships. I love it. He tells many a good story so if you can’t stick reading business books with dull, non-engaging chapters, he’s your man.

Anyway, halfway into book he starts to talk about his strategies for building relationships which include hosting dinner parties regularly for his network. The one I like is when he talks about how he reaches out to his network on their birthdays.  He calls birthdays the Neglected Stepchild of Life’s Celebrated Moments.

So do you care about your birthday or is it just not one of your things? Do you not need to be reminded of how old you are any more? To be honest, I can’t remember how old I am this year right away because I don’t really want to be reminded of all the things I planned to have achieved and haven’t. Nevertheless, if you turned up at my door with a box of cupcakes on my birthday without my age on the cakes…Ok don’t turn up just get the box of cupcakes delivered, I would really love you.

Now your task is to find out when each person in your network has a birthday and say happy birthday either via email or a text. However, if you really want to make an impression, simply email me their details and I’ll send them a personalised chocolate bar on the day. Easy right? Go on then, send me an email this minute.

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