Tech Tuesday App Series: LinkedIn and What I Like Most

I love the Linkedin app on my iphone. It’s so easy to use and really works. It doesn’t freeze up or kick me out like the Twitter app does. However, I reckon there aren’t as many users but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I’ll tell you what I like most.


LinkedIn (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Once a week I get a reminder to log in. To be honest if I didn’t get this reminder I wouldn’t remember to do so. As I said it co-operates so I’m rewarded as the app works. I browse quickly through my timeline and see if there’s any thing interesting and that’s it. It’s great.

I would spend more time on Linkedin though if I were to use it on a larger screen. Doing searches and typing long text on a small screen isn’t really fun but still it’s a great app for connecting and catching up.

Do you use Linkedin on your phone? What do you think of the app?

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