Wedding Wednesday: 3 Tips to Getting Your Wedding Catering Right

Home-party catering :)After your dress and venue are sorted you begin to think about your wedding catering. You can be rest assured guests won’t forget quickly if the food was amazing or awful. Here are three important tips to getting your wedding catering right:

1) Taste before you hire: Even if you’re getting a venue package insist on having a sample meal well ahead of time so that you can either change menu or venue.

2) Ditch numerous courses: According to expert caterers, you should allocate 30 minutes per course. 10 minutes to serve, 10 minutes to eat and 10 minutes to clear. Ensure your courses fit within the time you’ve hired the venue for!

3) Communicate: Don’t choose the menu with just your sister and mum. If your groom’s family is attending make sure one of them is also involved. At least, get the groom involved.

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