What To Do If He Never Remembers Valentine

Should I add some salt to the wound? Surely this must be the unpardonable sin. Excuse me. My mum told me recently of one her friends (RIP) whose husband always forgot valentine, anniversaries from when they’d been married about 10 years. She didn’t throw a pity party though. Ok maybe she did for a while but after that she quickly wisened up.

Each year, she would dig into the archives and bring out all the cards she had received in the past for Valentine or whatever special day he had forgotten. Then, display them. The moment he saw the cards he would remember and of course come back home with gifts and more cards.

My husband has never forgotten a key date since we got married but then I trained him while we were dating. On our first anniversary he was best man at a wedding for some guy who I’d never even heard him mention before! I was livid and made it very clear it was not acceptable. We celebrated a montheversary henceforth.

So back to my Mum’s friend. What do you think? Smart woman or just taking crap? Would love to hear your views. What would you have done? Does your better half always remember key dates? Would you even believe if he said he had forgotten? The whole town is painted red from November for goodness sake. How do you remind him of his other romantic responsibilities or is he good as gold?

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  1. She’s one smart woman :-)
    you can’t get het up over dates and things like that (says she who never remembers a thing). surely it’s about the love you share every day of the week?

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Thanks Sarah. It is so true. Very wise words there. I will try to remember that as I’m not sure of the quality of my gift this year with holidays planned ;)

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