Tech Tuesday: Lost Apps

I lost my iphone thus all my apps. I never did a back up on this laptop for another whole long story. Anyway, if you’re here to look for the £10 voucher please go ahead and find it. I will hint you though that reading the blog post will help you find it faster.

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So, back to apps. I now have a new iphone 4. I’ve kept some of the old apps I had like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn seem to work quite well. Facebook is very temperamental and takes ages to load!

I’ve also added TeuxDeux. It’s ok when I remember to use however I quite prefer the interface of the iphones notes so tend to use it more. TeuxDeux has a great review but I’m not so keen on it.

For business, I have also added instagram which I quite like. It’s very visually appealing. I would like to add Pinterest as well. I need to use that more actually but I cringe at spending forever pinning images  then labelling them and all that time-wasting.

I will soon give you my opinion about the Pinterest app. One app I also installed which I regret is Buffer. It’s so long winded to add a message to your Buffer I don’t think it’s worth it. I really can’t think of any apps I’m missing at the moment. I’ve re-installed Paypal which I discovered you can take payments with at fairs. So that will come in handy at my next fair in June.

What apps are you using for your business you think I could benefit from?

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  1. Chocolat A Toi says:

    This voucher has now been redeemed.

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