Wedding Wednesday:Bridesmaids Gifts Brouhaha

Guess what? I didn’t give all my bridesmaids gifts. Quite simply because I didn’t plan properly. I had it in mind to but by the time the wedding was over and other bills came in, the gifts weren’t top priority and I felt rotten.

Two of them got gifts only because I had bought their gifts before the wedding. So, could I urge you to plan so you can buy their gifts when it’s still a priority? If you need ideas here’s a post from Martha Stewart to inspire you. My favourite is the one pictured above. A little photo book that captures each of the Bridesmaids on your wedding day.

I’m yet to see a Bridesmaid that didn’t look nice on the wedding day or whose priority on the day was to get her picture taken.

Have you bought your bridesmaids gifts yet or have you come across any gifts you’re definitely planning to buy?

P.S: If you’re after the voucher scroll back up to find it.

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  1. they are 3, celebrating their 3rd birthday

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